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Birthday Parties



Our birthday parties usually start out with 1 hour and 30 mins of make/create time. We CAN party longer, that's up to you!*

Starting at $350 for 10 kids - ($25 for each additional kid).


The Main Event:

This will be the main project of your child's special day. It will be a creative experience for all the artists and will be a wonderful project for each guest to take home! It can be a guided project, or open ended.


Side Show:

An independent arts/craft that can also go with the theme you have decided on. This is child led so they can visit and connect while they create. 


Collaborative Art:

All of our birthday parties include a collaborative art wooden mosaic to get the entire party creating together - adults too! This turns out to be a very special art project for the birthday family to take home as a keepsake of your special day!

Handmade Gift:

This will be a special gift for the birthday child from us at Wolf Circus. After discussing the party details and getting to know your child's interests a little more, we will create a personalized gift totally unique for them!

We offer several different types of art projects as well as different themes to best fit your child's age group and interests!

  • Painting

  • Mixed Media & Recycled Art

  • Imaginative Play Art

  • and more...

Prices for our parties vary depending on the projects you decide on. Some of our projects have a little more prep time and a few more supplies, so they will have an additional prep/supply fee - and those have a (*) by them.


If you are interested in a birthday party, please fill out the BIRTHDAY PARTY REQUEST FORM to get the ball rolling and we will get back to you as fast as we can!! 

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