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Pre K - Storybook Art &

Process Art Lessons

This class is so much fun because the focus is more on the process, not the project. (That does not mean we won’t have some of the cutest projects ever! They will just be super unique because they are more child directed).
Process Art encourages children to think independently and imaginatively. It helps build confidence in their own artistic decisions,

 teaching there is no right or wrong in creative expression :)

Art Fun

Kinder - 2nd Grade

Art Lessons

In this class we will do a little bit of it all! Storybook Art, mixed media, painting, paper mache, watercolors, chalk pastels, recycled art, etc! We want to introduce your kiddos to all the different types of art mediums and create some awesome projects!

Water color paints

3rd Grade - 6th Grade

Art Lessons

This class will have all the same variety as the K-2 class, however, we will be taking it a step further focussing on the Elements and Principals of Art. Students will keep up with their own Interactive Journal for the class. We also will dive into art projects inspired by other artists.

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